The digitisation of library items, kept at the libraries involved in the NALIS Project, began at the end of 2011. The main aim of this initiative is to allow for a convenient and easy search of the digital objects through the NALIS Union Catalogue as well as their free use from the digital library NALIS Repository (as far as the policies of the respective libraries permit). The NALIS Foundation organises training courses in the software chosen for the task, develops additional applications and consults the respective institutions.

The actual work began in 2012. CL-BAS was the first to get involved – by presenting rare and valuable prints and archival materials. Similar is the digital content of SUL, where also digital copies of theses were submitted for integration. Course readings and most borrowed titles were the subject of interest for the NBU library. In 2012-2014 he NALIS Foundation itself digitised valuable photographs from more than 18 collections all around Bulgaria in relation to the EuropeanaPhotography project and in 2014 the Ivan Vazov Plovdiv Public Library contributed with its small but extremely valuable digital collection of medieval Slavonic manuscript fragments. In the second half of 2015 AUBG contributed to the project with its collection of theses.

It’s a work in progress and the number of the digital objects is constantly growing. By the end of December of 2019 they were over 604 thousand files in the NALIS Repository. The contribution by institutions is presented in the following graphic: