The following software products are used in NALISF projects:


Koha – the world's first open source integrated library information system. It is a fully featured, scalable library management system adapted by NALISF, following the tradition and best practices of Bulgarian libraries. It offers:

  • web-based modules for acquisition, circulation, cataloguing, serials, flexible reporting, label printing, multi-format messaging, offline exchange when there is no Internet access.

  • a powerful search engine suggesting correct spelling. Bibliographic records connected with internal links allow searching for more information about author, publisher, and subject headings in the library's database or in external databases (NALIS Union Catalogue, Google Scholar, Open Library, etc.).   

  • possibility to illustrate bibliographic records with cover images automatically taken from various international platforms such as Amazon, Google, LibraryThings, Open Library Syndetics, etc.   

  • compatibility with various library standards and protocols such as MARC 21, UNIMARC, OAI and z39.50, allowing communication and data exchange with other systems.   

  • web-based OPAC interface, circulation and patrons' self-service.   

  • to create, save, merge and share lists. Registered patrons can express opinions, add a comment, annotate a library document, tag, and suggest titles for purchase.   

  • multilingual interface. Our Bulgarian translation uses terminology from the library practice in Bulgaria.

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 DSpace - open source digital content and document management software providing controlled access and long-term storage (digital archive). It is adapted from NALISF, adding viewers for structured visualization of text, images, audio and video files. The system provides:

  • OAI support, which allows communication and data exchange with other international networks and systems such as the Bulgarian open science portal, OpenAIRE and others.   

  • bibliographic data taken from Koha.   

  • 24/7 access to digitized library documents for registered patrons, regardless of location, and in accordance with the Copyright and Related Rights Act.

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VuFind - open source software for finding information resources. It has been adapted by NALISF for searching the library resources of our founders and associate members, specifically catalogue records, digital objects, repositories, bibliographies, and other collections and sources. Provides:

  • simple search - a basic search by word that is refined by advanced search and grouping of the result list by facets.    

  • current status of the document (borrowed, available for borrowing, etc.).

  • list of similar results.

  • different ways of browsing - by language, by library document type, and alphabetically.

  • permanent URLs

  • Bulgarian and English Interface.

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Ex Libris software products, used previously:

Primo (2010 - May 2017)
ALEPH (2010 - May 2016)
SFX (2010 - May 2016)
MetaLib (2010 - May 2016)
DigiTool (2010 - May 2016)
Rosetta (2014 - May 2016)