Annual Meeting 2011


The NALISF associate members gathered in the Sofia University Library (Prof. Stoyan Argirov Hall) on 13th December for their annual meeting.

It took place between 11:00 and 13:00 and finished with the opening of an exhibition dedicated to Ezik i literatura, one of the most established and popular academic journal for language and literature in Bulgaria.



The following representatives took part in the meeting:

Associate members: Radostina Todorova, New Bulgarian University; Tanya Delcheva, Technical University of Sofia, Branch Plovdiv; Milka Yankova, Plovdiv University; Svetla Kukleva, Agricultural University – Plovdiv; Yuliana Glushkova, Union of Architects in Bulgaria; Pepa Kotsilkova, Central Medical Library; Hristina Dimitrova, Technical University of Sofia.

ABF: Vanya Tsankova, Director, Programs for Education and Libraries.

NALISF: Dincho Krastev; Rumen Avramov; Mariana Silyanovska; Sofia Katsarska, AUBG; Sabina Aneva; Ekaterina Dikova; Evgeni Dimitrov; Ani Angelova, SU; Bilyana Yavrukova, SU; Teofana Kirova, SU.



Ani Angelova, Director of the Sofia University Library and member of the NALISF Board of Directors, welcomed the participants in the session.

What was then discussed were issues related to retroconversion, technological improvements in academic libraries, use and usability of the NALIS Union Catalogue, popularisation of the NALIS Project and sharing of best practices (daily library work, library trainings of students etc.).

Vanya Tsankova encouraged all the participants in the NALIS Project by pointing out its success and presented Dincho Krastev with a book on Quantum.