Annual Meeting 2012

The annual meeting took place at the Mediatheque in the Sofia University Library on Dec 15th. It started at 11:00 and continued up until 13:00 in cheerful and cooperative atmosphere.

The following representatives took part in the meeting:

Associate members: Nadya Terzieva – New Bulgarian University, Sofia (library director);  Lidiya Tacheva – Central Medical Library, Sofia (library director); Christina Dimitrova – Technical University of Sofia (library director); Lidiya Sharkova – Ivan Vazov Public Library, Plovdiv (head of the Processing and Cataolgues Department); Iskra Gogova – Sofia City Library (system administrator in the Automation of Library and Bibliographic Resources Department); Margarita Stamatova – Central Agricultural Library  (library director).

NALISF: Rumen Avramov; Mariana Silyanovska; Sofia Katsarska, AUBG; Sabina Aneva; Ekaterina Dikova; Nicola Stoyanov; Ani Angelova, SU; Bilyana Yavrukova, SU; Teofana Kirova, SU. 

R. Avramov opened the session. S. Aneva presented the NALISF activities in 2012. E. Dikova pinpointed the future tasks related to the participation of NALISF in the social networks. 

First discussed was the possibility to activate the interlibrary loan (ILL) among the NALIS associate members and the founding libraries after a suggestion by S. Katsarska. It was decided that a questionnaire should be prepared and filled out by each library, so that some instructions are made in this respect and a special ILL module – developed for internal NALIS use (within the NALIS Union Catalogue).

It was also agreed that the training of librarians in the usage of the NALIS UC is the best approach to its local popularisation. Thus, the local librarians will train – with or without the help of NALISF – undergraduates to effectively use the catalogue. Another decision was that a visual tutorial for the use of the NALIS UC should be prepared.

A. Angelova proposed that a Scientific and Scholarly Libraries Section should be established to the Bulgarian Library and Information Association.  

The session was closed and all the participants were invited to see the renovated book store and the fully modernised Philological Library.