FORUM 2011


The international NALISF Forum, entitled THE NALIS PROJECT: ONE YEAR LATER took place in the Alexander Hall at Radisson Blu Grand Hotel, Sofia on 21st November. Leading figures in top libraries, archives and other cultural institutions in USA, UK, Italy, Germany and Bulgaria shared their experience and knowledge in the creation of digital libraries, use of library software, public engagement and other activities aiming to preserve the valuable collections. (For the event schedule see  here.)


HE James B. Warlick welcomes the NALIS Forum; our Board of Experts presides (Photo: E. Voleva) Carl Pforzheimer III welcomes the NALIS Forum; Dincho Krastev is seen next to him (Photo: E. Voleva)
 2011_03  2011_04
Richard Ovenden is giving his presentation on public engagement activities at Bodleian Libraries (Photo: E. Voleva) Robert Darnton’s talk on Digital Public Library of America - DPLA (Photo: E. Voleva)
2011_05 2011_06
 Deanna Marcum shares her views on the future of libraries and DPLA (Photo: E. Voleva) David Ferriero’s participation in the DPLA session (Photo: E. Voleva)
 2011_07 2011_08
 Antonella Fresa and Robert Darnton discussing during the coffee break (Photo: E. Voleva) Vanya Tsankova and Carl Pforzheimer III (Photo: E. Voleva)
 2011_09  2011_10
 Vanya Grashkina sharing the results of the BLIA survey on library digitisation in Bulgaria (Photo: E. Voleva) Axel Kaschte presenting the Ex Libris view on how libraries evolve in the Digital Age  (Photo: E. Voleva)