Among the audience
Frank Bauer

Frank Bauer (President of ABF), David Ferriero, (US top Archivist) and Carl Pforzheimer III (Co-Chairmen of ABF) with his wife at the NALIS Forum in Sofia, Sept. 24th (Photo: E. Voleva) Frank Bauer welcomes the participants of the NALIS Forum (Photo: E. Voleva)  
James Warlik Dincho Krastev  
The US Ambassador in Bulgaria HE James B. Warlick gives a short talk on the libraries as living things to welcome the Forum (Photo: E. Voleva) Dincho Krastev (the NALISF Executive Director) presents the NALIS Project, its aims and achievements (Photo: E. Voleva)

Sabina Aneva
Karen Calhoun

Sabina Aneva (the NALISF Deputy Executive Director) demonstrates the Primo, i.e. how the NALIS union catalogue functions (Photo: E. Voleva)
Karen Calhoun (OCLC) gives her presentation on libraries and cooperative systems (Photo: E. Voleva)

 Marc Daubach  During the coffee break  
Marc Daubach (Ex Libris Corporate VP, GM Europe) presenting the next generation of library automation frameworks (Photo: E. Voleva)
Marc Daubach explaining his views to a professor of mathematics during the coffee break. (Photo: E. Voleva)

David Ferriero
S.Aneva and D.Krastev

David Ferriero giving account of the US National Archives (Photo: E. Voleva)
Dincho Krastev and Sabina Aneva among the audience at the NALIS Forum(Photo: E. Voleva)