Undisclosed Treasures from the Photo Archives: A Workshop in the Framework of EuropeanaPhotography (29 Oct 2013, Sofia)


01 02
Evgeni Dimitrov, a NALIS system administrator and coordinator of EuriopeanaPhotography for Bulgaria opens the event. On the background are Dincho Krastev, the NALIS Executive Director, and Sabina Aneva, the NALIS Deputy Executive Director. (Photo: E. Voleva) Katja Zographova, Director of the National Museum of Literature during her presentation on valuable photographs revealing the artistic biography of the founder of the museum – the niece of our famous poet Pencho Slavejkov. On the background D. Krastev is talking to Aneta Doncheva, the Bulgarian National Library Deputy Director. (Photo: E. Voleva)
03 04
Rumjana Pencheva, Head of Holdings and Literary Heritage Department at the National Museum of Literature, giving her two interesting talks: one on a charismatic and exuberant intellectual of the pre-communist era in Bulgaria, now forgotten, and the other on little known pictures of some of the Bulgarian most famous authors as kids. (Photo: E. Voleva) Katerina Gadzheva, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Art Studies of BAS, presenting the conditions of the photo archives and private photo collections in Bulgaria, as well as of their specifics and the problems related to them. (Photo: E. Voleva)
05 06
Petko Georgiev of the Special Collections Department at the Ivan Vazov Public Library in Plovdiv, presenting some of the undisclosed photographic treasures in his institutions which are related to local and European history. (Photo: E. Voleva) Dincho Krastev, Vanya Tsankova (Programme Director at FAB), Mariana Siljanovska (member of the NALIS Board of Directors) and Dimitar Minev (director of the Public Library in Plovdiv) among the audience at the workshop.(Photo: E. Voleva)