Dincho Krastev

Executive Director of NALIS (until his passing away on 5 Jan 2015), Director of CL-BAS (until 29 Aug 2013)


Dincho Krastev is a mathematician. He has been in charge of CL-BAS since 1992. His efforts led to the development of a local computer network (1995), the creation of the CL-BAS website, the first of its kind (1997), the implementation of ALEPH500, one of the best automated library systems worldwide, and the construction of an electronic catalogue (2003). Last but not least, CL became a training center disseminating the MARC 21 formats and the AACR2 (2004); furthermore, by contracting the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC), CL became the first library to enrich the WorldCat with bibliographical records in Cyrillic letters (2007). The creation of the digital library began the same year.


D. Krastev was granted an MA and a PhD in mathematics from the Moscow State University. At CL he initially worked as a research associate, then became a senior research associate, 2nd degree (1989). At SU he taught Differential Equations, Mathematical Analysis (1970–1973, 1977–1986). As a guest lecturer at the International Center for Information Management Systems and Services (ICIMSS) in Torun, Poland, he taught Information Systems and Modern Ways of Book Publishing (1996). He is a member of the Bulgarian Library and Information Association (BLIA) as well as of ICIMSS.


D. Krastev is the author of numerous articles published in Bulgarian and foreign periodicals. Here follow some of the recent ones:

  • Krastev, D. “Central Library of BAS – Present and Future.” Nauka 2006, No.4, 48–56.
  • Krastev, D. “Bulgarian Libraries and the Internet.” Proceedings of “INFOS-2001,” the Annual Conference of the Slovak Association of Librarians and Information Officers, Slovakia, April, 2001.
  • Krastev, D. “An Optimistic Approach of a Pessimist – Bulgarian Libraries and the Net, 10 Years of Experience.” Proceedings of an International Conference “Internet and the Libraries.” Sofia, November 2000.