Ekaterina Dikova

NALIS Project Manager, Research Associate at CL-BAS

Ekaterina Pantcheva Dikova is a philologist and medievalist with long experience as a translator and interpreter. She was granted a PhD in Diachronic Linguistics (Bulgarian) from the Sofia University (2006), an MA degree in Medieval Studies from the Central European University in Budapest (2001) and a joint MA degree in Bulgarian and Russian Philology from the Sofia University (1998). She specialised in Italy (University of Pisa, 2008), in Austria (University of Vienna, 2004-2005), UK (University of Warwick, 2002) and Germany (University of Saarland, 2000). She taught at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Sofia (English Language for Architects, 2005–2007) and at the Sofia University (Historical Grammar of the Bulgarian Language, 2003–2004). Dr Dikova has been a research associate at CL-BAS since 2007, where she has worked in the field of medieval rhetoric and has been involved in projects related to the library digitisation, namely MICHAEL, ATHENA, LinkedHeritage, AthenaPlus, World Digital Library). At NALIS, she has been responsible for coordinating the Working Group for translating the MARC 21 standard and creating the respective dictionaries, coordinated the creation of a multilingual template to display digitised 19th-century Books online (all the papers mentioned are published on the NALIS website) and is currently coordinating the foreign partners of NALIS.