Vanya Grashkina

President of the Bulgarian Library and Information Association


Mrs Grashkina began her professional career teaching at the Bulgarian State Institute of Library Studies. Then she worked at the Sofia National Library – as a Research Associate in reference and information services at the Scientific and Educational Centre, as a Director of the Economics Information Department and Director of the Acquisition Department. In 2004 she became Executive Director of the National Centre for Information and Documentation at the Bulgarian Ministry of Education, Youth and Science. She has taught at the Library and Information Studies Department at the Faculty of Philosophy at the Sofia University. She has been coordinator for Bulgaria for the following projects ЕК PULMAN, CALIMERA и ENTITLE.

She manages the following projects of the Bulgarian Library and Information Association: Juridical Framework of the Libraries and Library and Information Activities in Bulgaria, American-Bulgarian Library Exchange and Access to Electronic Information for Disabled People in the Bulgarian Libraries. At present she is managing the Advancement and Sustainable Development of the Library sector in Bulgaria Project.

V. Grashkina has specialised in UK, Germany, USA and Finland, dedicating much effort to issues related to national library strategies and policies, innovative library practices and management of library associations.