The founders of the National Academic Library and Information System Foundation (NALIS Foundation) are the Central Library of BAS (CL-BAS), the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” (SU) and the American University in Bulgaria (AUB). The libraries of these institutions take the active part in the NALIS Project – apart from the CL-BAS, these are the Sofia University Library (SUL) and the AUB Library (AUBL).

The NALIS Project stimulates the integration of the Bulgarian academic library systems. Its main purpose is to create an online union catalog of the university and research libraries in Bulgaria, which, through a web portal, to allow integrated searching in these libraries, and electronic access to the bibliographical information about their paper funds, electronic resources and information services.

The NALIS Project started in June 2009. Its first stage is the construction of a library and information net between the libraries of the three institutions that founded it. The second stage will open the net both to all the research libraries and to those public libraries that are technologically prepared for the involvement in the project.

NALIS conducts training of librarians, system librarians and system administrators in international bibliographical standards and in the chosen software products necessary for the creation and maintenance of a national library and information net.

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