Haifa and Jerusalem

September 2011


It is for the first time this year that we participated in the IGeLU Conference and Ex Libris System Seminar. The two events took place at the University of Haifa – the first between 11th and 13th, the second between 14th and 16th September. Apart from S. Aneva. N. Stoyanov, E. Dimitrov and E. Dikova, also T. Kirova and Y. Yanev from the SU Library were invited as part of our team. After the training we enjoyed, together with representatives of the many institutions using Ex Libris products, a guiding tour around Galilee. In Jerusalem D. Krastev joined us to meet with the management of the biggest libraries in Jerusalem: the National and the Hebrew University ones. We had the honour and pleasure to visit this important cultural institutions, their modern reading rooms, halls and repositories, guided by library experts. At the Hebrew University Library we talked also with the founder of the Israeli academic library union catalog.


Сградата „Хехт”
 Т. Кирова и Я. Янев
The Hecht Building, University of Haifa (photo: E. Dikova) Teofana and Yavor in one of the coffee-breaks (photo: E. Dikova)
Ръководство на Ex Libris  Галавечеря
Ex Libris managers answer the users' questions (photo: S. Aneva) The Gala Dinner (photo: E. Dimitrov)
Из Галилея
С. Анева
The Galilee Tour; Niki, Yavor, Sabina and Evgeni (photo: E. Dikova)
Sabina discussing library issues with a representative of the Austiran library network. (photo: E. Dikova)
В двора на Националната библиотека
Националната библиотека в Йерусалим
In the garden of the National Library in Jerusalem - Evgeni, Dincho, Sabina and Niki(photo: E. Dikova) The National Library in Jerusalem (photo: E. Dikova)
Израелският музей в Йерусалим
Еврейският университет в Йерусалим
Reflecting on the Qumran manuscripts we've just seen(photo: E. Dikova)  The Hebrew University (photo: E. Dimitrov)
А. Айнщайн
Пак там
A. Einstein on his way to the library (photo: E. Dikova)  Not far from the University Library (photo: E. Dikova)