Sabina Aneva

Executive Director of NALIS

Sabina Aneva is a philologist and an expert in Library Studies and data base management. She was granted an MA in Bulgarian Philology and History by the Sofia University (1984). Her specialised training was at the National Library in Sofia (1984-1985) and in the International Center for Information Management Systems and Services (ICIMSS) in Torun, Poland. S. Aneva works in the field of Library and Information Technologies and Digital Libraries and prepares expert analyses of the existing library systems. She was a deputy director of the Central Library of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences between 1995 and 2012 (then also a national contact point for the ATHENA Project) and a deputy executive director at the NALIS Foundation between 2009 and 2015. S. Aneva is a member of the Bulgarian Library and Information Association (BLIA) and ICIMSS. At NALIS, her main responsibility is to deal with the integrated library system for the management of print collections used by two of the NALIS founders (i.e. ALEPH), teaches system librarians in MARC 21 and ALEPH and coordinates the NALIS associate members.

Here follow some of her most recent papers:

  • Aneva, S. (co-author with Ekaterina Pantcheva). “Biznes-model’ digital’noǐ biblioteki (na primere Tsentral’noǐ biblioteki Bolgarskoǐ akademii nauk)” [A Digital Library Business Model: on the Example of the Central Library of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences]. In Knizhnaia kul’tura: Opyt proshlogo i problem sovremennosti: K 280-letiiu akademicheskogo knigoizdatel’stva v Rossii. Materialy mezhdunar. nauch. konf. Moskva, 18–19 dekabria 2008 g. Moscow: Nauka, 2008, 269–273.
  • Aneva, S. “The Application of MARC21 at the Central Library of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences: A Tool for Accessibility and Preservation of the Medieval Cultural Heritage.” In Globalization, Digitalization, Access and Preservation of Cultural Heritage: Papers from the International Conference (Sofia, Bulgaria, 8–10 November 2006). Ed. by Herbert K. Achleitner and Alexander Dimchev. Sofia, Bulgaria : St. Kliment Ochridski, University of Sofia, 2007, 349–354.
  • Aneva, S. “Model’ bibliograficheskogo opisaniia staropechatnykh i redkikh knig v Central’noǐ biblioteke Bolgarskoi akademii nauk” [A Model for the Bibliographical Description of Old Printed and Rare Books Kept at the Central Library of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences]. In Federovskie chteniia 2007. Compiled by A. Samarin, ed.-in-chief V.Vasiliev. Moscow: Nauka, 2007, 363–370.
  • Aneva, S. “Application of MARC21 – Concise Format for Bibliographical Data in the Bulgarian Libraries: The Case of the Central Library of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.” Slavic & East European Information Resources, 2007, Vol. 8, no. 2/3. New York : The Haworth Information Press, 2007, 137–150. doi: 10.1300/J167v08n02_12.