ALEPH – integrated library system for the management of print collections

  • It offers a comprehensive set of modules that covers the whole multi-faceted library activity; it is easily adaptable in any library and keeps the uniqueness of that very library.
  • It aids both management and use of the library funds; it also helps the introduction of new services.
  • It allows users to send online orders and gives them the opportunity to manage their own interface.
  • It streamlines the routine processes and frees up library staff for more knowledge-intensive tasks.
  • Integrated with Primo, Aleph allows the discovery and the proper use of the whole bibliographical information available at the library, irrespective not only of the medium of the item (paper, electronic, microfilm, and so on) but also of the place where it is stored (local or remote depository, online sources, and so on).
  • It offers various types of reports.
  • It may be integrated with other systems; it works with different scripts – Roman, Cyrillic, and so on.
  • It is based on established international standards and developed in partnership with leading IT companies.