Undisclosed Treasures from the Photo Archives:

A Workshop in the Framework of EuropeanaPhotography


29 October 2013 (Tuesday)

Central Library of BAS, Sofia



15:20-15:40 Katja Zographova, Director of the National Museum of Literature

Svetoslava Slavejkova – the Keeper of Slavejkov Family’s Cultural Memory and the Founder of the Museum


15:40-16:00 Rumjana Pencheva, Head of Holdings and Literary Heritage Department at the National Museum of Literature

Boris Rumenov Known Best as Borjo Zevzeka (1884-1944)


16:00-16:20 Rumjana Pencheva

Writers as Kids


16:20-16:40 Katerina Gadzheva, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Art Studies, BAS

State, Problems and Specifics of the Photographic Archives and Private Collections in Bulgaria

16:40-17:00 Petko Georgiev, Special Collections Department at the Ivan Vazov Public Library in Plovdiv

Real Images – Unreal Europe

See some pictures of the event.